2019-07-28 22:05 transformation

The elixir slopped over the edges of the pot as they passed it around the circle. Where it fell flowers of impossible beauty emerged.

2019-06-08 22:35 transformation

Passing back into existence was accompanied by loud static. When complete, then the sound of a little bell.

2019-04-24 22:35 transformation

Hyper-sensitivity was a side effect that would last about three weeks. This suit made of fur might make things a little easier, they said.

2019-04-21 22:35 transformation

He opened the gift tentatively. He wasn’t sure emergency services would come this time.

2019-01-27 23:35 transformation

The wrinkled plastic bag contained the last of the pseudo-blood. There was only enough for two of them. Rock-paper-scissors might not be appropriate, but it was all they could think of.

2018-12-28 23:15 transformation

Robots wanted to hear what it was like to sing along with the radio. They created ears out of empty cans and discarded hair dryers.

2018-11-26 23:45 transformation

The newly installed electronic brain produced high-pitched screaming sounds when presented with anything other than the stuffed, white rabbit.

2018-11-06 23:45 transformation

His body had grown to fill the entire car, so that his arms and legs stuck out the windows, and he dragged himself along until he reached the water.

2018-04-22 23:42 transformation

What was growing on him? It might have a face, probably not a human face.

2018-03-15 15:15 transformation

“His soul will be downloaded into a temporary buffer. It is crucial that you do not reboot or unplug the computer at this time.”

2018-01-29 14:48 transformation

“It’s funny,” she said, “I was invisible, but gravitational like a neutron star.”

2017-12-26 15:45 transformation

Growing out of the center of his forehead was something familiar but also something with an opaque purpose.

2017-12-12 15:45 transformation

“Don’t worry, there’s nothing actually crawling on you, it’s just your skin rearranging itself.”

2017-11-15 17:30 transformation

With dreadful effort he pulled his arm out of the suit, afraid to look down at it.

2017-10-28 16:30 transformation

Leaning out the window he let the air recreate him. It smelled like barbecue.