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The colony played the game until their ears bled. Each time they restarted, they were certain they would win.

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“The least subtle things will always win,” he said just before pressing the button.

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The river was a somber reminder, the ships that sailed on it were a conciliation.

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“Simon, I insist you allow us into the basement. We’ll start the search there, then proceed to the lake house, family tomb and finally the fishpond.”

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She held up a small vial full of what looked like gray sand. “This is all that’s left,” she said.

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The sounds in The Wood were different, as if the world had suddenly shifted an octave.

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When they were kids they were followed by a UFO, each time they’d thrown rocks at it until it went away.

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“The search heuristic is simple,” the sheriff said, “we dredge the swamp, then we dredge it again. We dredge until we can’t dredge no more.”

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Bakers from the entire county arrived in time for the interrogation and subsequent trial.

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The body was brought up from the river on a hook, policemen grasping at it. “Get your hands off me,” it said.

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Three small toggle switches were found on the back of the neck. One was up, two were down.

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“I am entirely committed to total withdrawal.” The only thing they saw from the car were trees.

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Only after they bought the house did they realize they’d once been there, a long time ago.

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The florist was not welcome to the party, especially after what had happened in the greenhouse.

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There was no way down. There was no way up. And they were hungry.