2019-03-11 22:22 brood noir benbrood

Each desert character had a longer, wilder story than the last. “It’s the goddamn Canterbury Tales out here,” she said.

2019-02-14 02:59 brood noir benbrood

The day just boiled away. They took their souvenirs and neatly packed them into a half dozen suitcases. Then they dialed the embassy.

2019-02-02 23:09 brood noir benbrood

She fixated on the paper weight. It was the shape of a human heart. If she hit him with it, right in the temple, would it be enough to kill him? She hesitated.

2019-01-23 23:32 brood noir benbrood

There was a disquieting variation of light coming under the door. And a rippling sound. But the worst thing was the constant deja vu.

2019-01-20 01:13 brood noir benbrood

At midnight, looking over the statement in an office lit by a single lamp, he heard her approaching in the hall, shoes click-clacking with a lack of variation that felt threatening.

2019-01-07 23:50 brood noir benbrood

She handed him what he thought was a pack of cigarettes. Inside all he found were desiccated spiders.

2018-11-28 23:45 brood noir benbrood

Susan kicked a pile of snow over the exposed leg. “In spring it’ll be a surprise for someone, think of it that way. By then the Arabs will have fixed everything.”

2018-10-04 22:50 brood noir benbrood

Rain speckled the windshield. They changed out of jumpsuits and into formal wear as efficiently as they could.

2018-09-24 22:17 brood noir benbrood

“The cold, rational approach has been vilified–but if we’re going to save ourselves, passion is the last thing we should accept,” she said.

2018-09-18 01:16 brood noir benbrood

Blinky was told to make a rye and water, but he surreptitiously delivered a kōan that produced instant enlightenment.

2018-09-09 22:50 brood noir benbrood

“Men in power are dangerous,” she said, “their world view is built on violent penetration.”

2018-09-02 00:21 brood noir benbrood

They drove up to the estate, their car dented and smoking. They set their watches forward one hour. Cleaning the roof would have to wait.

2018-08-21 21:59 brood noir benbrood

“Mathematically speaking,” she said, “it’s better to ask for permission than to ask for forgiveness.”

2018-07-26 02:14 brood noir benbrood

The nearby crows wouldn’t shut up. The cawing matched the relentless rhythm of their own senseless argument.

2018-07-06 23:05 brood noir benbrood

It was impossible to unzip the bag with all that hair tangled in the teeth.