2018-08-03 01:02 brood mountain benbrood

Shipments from over the mountain always arrived in crates made of leather, with little rusty zippers on each side.

2018-07-29 21:45 brood mountain benbrood

The leaves rustled into a shape, first a murder, then a demigod, then her.

2018-07-16 01:45 brood mountain benbrood

The old, collapsing farmhouse had spawned huge clapboard nests. Delicious for the ants.

2018-06-18 00:05 brood mountain benbrood

Wind and rain inundated the remote cabin. They whittled articulated legs from pine. In the morning they would try to get off the mountain.

2018-06-13 02:59 brood mountain benbrood

The Rotten Log was on the same ley line as the Inverse Stone, the same as the Spider Hollow. Tinmouth Castle, however, had recently disappeared altogether.

2018-06-03 23:00 brood mountain benbrood

A pile of cubes, covered in moss, leftovers from the ancient builders, unmovable and eternal.

2018-05-20 21:57 brood mountain benbrood

The fertility of the remote zone was obscene–robotic expeditions returned fully sprouted, flowering and heavily laden.

2018-04-21 23:30 brood mountain benbrood

Although ascending the mountain was simple, descending required the intervention of a haruspex, who spread the entrails out along the path for collective inspection.

2018-04-07 13:01 brood mountain benbrood

Two old men in absurdly large hats squatted tentatively next to the figure of a sleeping, naked girl. “What can it mean?” they asked.

2018-04-01 13:15 brood mountain benbrood

The hungry animal god crouched behind the hedges, waiting for the children. It was a fortuitous time, the planets were in alignment.

2018-03-24 22:47 brood mountain benbrood

The bleached white skin was distracting, but the supersonic rustle of ceremonial robes was hallucinatory.

2018-03-05 14:07 brood mountain benbrood

Stones were stacked in a manner that suggested some meaning. “It’s a trap,” he said, “to get us to linger.”

2018-02-18 14:51 brood mountain benbrood

The compulsion to stare over the edge was too strong to resist, despite the stern instructions by the overmind.

2018-02-14 14:15 brood mountain benbrood

Protective wrap was wound tightly around the entire town, it would be kept fresh and unspoiled for centuries to come.

2018-01-21 14:38 brood mountain benbrood

They lived clustered in small methane warmed bio-huts traveling along with the permanent ice flow.