2019-09-14 23:18 mountain

The sky was perfectly clear, he began to count each bright point, giddy knowing he could never complete the task.

2019-09-05 01:12 mountain

His beard rolled down fully into the bowl of soup then he lifted it up in each spoonful like great clumps of wet white moss.

2019-08-24 01:45 mountain

Restoration was tedious. Layers of grime from centuries of misuse had to be lifted. Scratches from countless transformations masked. A dark mountain was obvious during last light.

2019-08-21 22:35 mountain

The top of the mountain was sacred, the large, oblong stone table remaining intact. The decisions made there would last the entirety of the epoch, every creature here, every leaf and creek knew what it meant.

2019-08-05 22:26 mountain

They had cameras, something like cameras, they would raise them and lower them in some sort of ritual. And there was a child holding her mother’s hand, the child pointed at him and laughed.

2019-07-05 21:39 mountain

Then two great platforms were lowered by gigantic arms, on each was piled baskets of bread, fruit, meat. It always happened this way. They rushed forward.

2019-06-30 22:18 mountain

Vines had grown over the old building, so now it blended into the surrounding foliage which slowly inhaled and exhaled in a cool moist breeze.

2019-04-29 22:35 mountain

Merciless winds from the mountain tore the clothes off the line and made them dance a weird boneless jig.

2019-03-13 22:35 mountain

The first step would be combing through all that hair. Then they would have to administer this mixture and sequester themselves in the chamber.

2019-02-25 23:16 mountain

The expanse of snow seemed endless. Numerous teams of explorers were frozen monuments, each ponderously huddled over strange cubic cairns.

2019-02-17 23:35 mountain

Empty bottles were stacked against the back all the way to the ceiling. Every three minutes a villager walked in, morosely, and placed another carefully into the pile.

2019-02-08 23:21 mountain

Rain was collected in any container they could find–not because they were thirsty, but because they were greedy.

2019-01-16 23:50 mountain

The three masters, each clad distinctively, strode forward with calm precision. The challenger coughed nervously, tossing the small burlap pouch the old woman had given him up and down in one hand gently.

2018-12-23 23:05 mountain

After sunset they released the angry worms. Soon the soil below the castle would be full of them.

2018-12-12 23:05 mountain

Every time they looked at the back of the cards there was a different scene. A fish on a bicycle. A honeycomb full of hair. A severed finger in a flower bed. A drunken hummingbird darting around a human ear.