2018-10-01 22:50 hotel

Dancing began spontaneously, without the least amount of self-consciousness or concern for the surrounding, priceless antiques.

2018-09-20 22:50 hotel

Several young people sitting on a couch stared at them with cool disdain. Soon they too would understand the principles of decay.

2018-09-10 22:50 hotel

The bartender warned him. It was tricky getting the chemicals just right. Drink it too quickly, you’d die. Drink it too leisurely, you’d go mad.

2018-09-04 22:25 hotel

Tucked far away in the attic was precisely the kind of thing he’d been warned about. It was delicious.

2018-07-24 22:45 hotel

“It’s just settling”, he said. The loud groans and vociferous cursing in some ancient language from somewhere under the hotel didn’t stop until dawn.

2018-07-21 01:20 hotel

Baskets of invertebrates were passed around the conference with quiet dignity.

2018-05-30 23:08 hotel

Anthropocene flavored candy thrown from the stage delighted the audience.

2018-05-02 02:59 hotel

The theory about the poisoning involved complex, secret interventions, mozzarella sticks and salmonella, and an unlikely visit from Poodles, the local TV children’s character.

2018-04-16 22:31 hotel

All of the portraits in the attic had been transformed into sinister illuminations, part dysfunctional anxiety, part phylogenetic lyncanthropy.

2018-04-05 21:15 hotel

The tourists were led out on leashes, their bibs flapping in the wind.

2018-03-14 15:33 hotel

The last piece of pie was cut, infinitely, in half, until the universe ate itself.

2018-02-16 14:31 hotel

After the convention they all developed the same symptoms, including the inability to see themselves in a mirror.

2018-02-13 14:32 hotel

In the morning a note was slipped under the door informing him that it still wasn’t safe to come out.

2018-01-12 15:45 hotel

When they finished the old, expensive bottle of wine they found a note at the bottom begging for help.

2017-12-30 15:45 hotel

Two unexpected guests arrived during the rain storm wearing evening gowns and carrying framed portraits.