2019-05-29 22:35 futures

“One town over, that place with the moat, and the car husks stacked up, you’ll see a palace made of old tires and plywood. Ask for Mr Peepers.”

2019-05-13 22:35 futures

Suspects were told privately that there had been no crime. Still they were required to remain indoors and chant The Impervious Song. Soon, justice would be broadcast.

2019-04-13 22:03 futures

The skylight let them look up at the underside of its belly, the exhaust ports and teats asymmetrically scattered across the broad, pink exterior.

2019-03-24 22:35 futures

Agreements were signed in a glass walled room overlooking the facility. Afterwards they received samples in tiny, velvet lined boxes.

2019-03-09 23:35 futures

Highly agile and heavily armored Pseudos congealed in the plaza, excitedly tapping their pedipalps and chittering.

2019-03-01 23:35 futures

Uniforms were issued through the slot. They were wrapped in new, crisp paper, the twine tied neatly by tiny fingers. “This fabric is psychometrically adaptive,” she said.

2019-01-30 23:30 futures

The door codes were tattooed on their backs. The invasion would proceed in many teams of two.

2019-01-18 03:05 futures

The device required the verbal command “HELLO GORILLA” to awaken from hibernation. We were assured that the flailing arms and stomping were a value proposition.

2019-01-03 23:35 futures

The tree tops were dusted with a fine, bright blue powder that The Company claimed would forever remove blight.

2018-12-09 23:27 futures

The distributed feed was glitchy even though a troop of stream specialists cajoled code, poking and prodding the minutiae.

2018-11-30 22:34 futures

The Moreau Wellness Institute is open year-round and offers payment plans for most conversions, especially for land based carnivores. Our specialty!

2018-11-21 23:45 futures

Everyone who played the game received a three year assignment in the most luxurious body bank in the outer rim.

2018-11-17 23:45 futures

Once captured, the scientist negotiated for his life with the secret formula to Yum Incorporated’s most popular product–delicious DreamFat.

2018-10-30 21:58 futures

Tribunals were simulcast across the twelve zones. Action figures were 3D printed and air-dropped as events unfolded.

2018-10-25 22:37 futures

Three clones entered a bar. The bartender looked up and said, “you again?”