2019-06-09 21:59 fog

They stood close to the edge, the moist air making them gag a little. The recording was impossible, the exchange made no sense.

2019-04-14 22:05 fog

When the birds scattered, we saw the revealed shape of a fallen statue, now covered in shit.

2019-02-01 23:45 fog

The house sat in the middle of the swamp surrounded by statues of naked women. Once the family tried selling lemonade from the porch, without much success.

2018-11-27 23:02 fog

“I believe photographs steal your soul. So I slink between CCTV cameras. I imagine a haze between myself and the observer.”

2018-11-22 23:45 fog

“The tone is much too low for you to hear. But the frogs, they can hear it. And they hate it.”

2018-03-28 02:18 fog

From the window it looked like he was on fire. As he stepped forward the footprints curled then evaporated.

2018-02-06 14:34 fog

Teens lingered around the building, sauntering, their faces frozen in awkward, anxious grins.

2018-01-27 15:30 fog

The police fenced off the area with something new, something silky and preventative.

2018-01-09 20:33 fog

Seeping from the cracks in the road was an old thing, and this time it was determined.

2017-11-27 18:15 fog

Clinging to the sides of the barn were thousands of wet, bird-like creatures that produced a low hum.

2017-11-08 17:30 fog

The sound of ripping forced them to stop. They counted to ten, slowly.

2017-10-18 16:30 fog

She stopped her car yards before the swirling green-tinted fog. Behind her she saw the sparkle of the lighthouse on fire.

2017-09-17 16:30 fog

The ancient monstrosity possessing humanity never guessed the High School had been turned into a resistance command center.

2017-08-17 17:00 fog

All they could hear was static and warning sirens.

2017-08-04 17:01 fog

Patrons claimed the song had been playing nonstop on the jukebox a century or more, would be a shame to stop it now.