2018-09-13 22:13 brood coven benbrood

“Those sisters always lived in that house. They trapped cars that strayed too far into the cul-de-sac with giant steel nets.”

2018-07-18 22:57 brood coven benbrood

When reality folded over itself for the fifth or sixth time, she decided she needed to bury the spirit board.

2018-07-14 20:06 brood coven benbrood

From his office window he could see them down there writing obscenities on his car with the blood of slaughtered horses.

2018-04-29 00:42 brood coven benbrood

As the spell was cast there was a terrible crunching of teeth, a cascade of secondary gods, a sundering of financial plans.

2018-03-20 01:33 brood coven benbrood

She discovered there was a single word written on each toad. She would need a bucket.

2018-03-08 23:36 brood coven benbrood

The protection of woodland creatures would be barely sufficient. In the morning they would summon The Old Mountain.

2018-02-26 14:09 brood coven benbrood

“I wouldn’t call it a cult, I’d call it a group of extremely motivated enthusiasts who really like robes.”

2018-02-22 14:01 brood coven benbrood

The witches gathered together that night under the full moon. “It’s time to unionize.”

2018-01-24 14:14 brood coven benbrood

The psychic attack was most certainly coming from the shy little girl.

2018-01-11 15:45 brood coven benbrood

“I found myself at a motel… a bag of cash, empty fast food wrappers. And I wasn’t in the same body anymore.”

2017-11-23 18:00 brood coven benbrood

Tangled together by the tail, the bundle of angry cats was tossed into the small cabin.

2017-11-18 17:30 brood coven benbrood

“When I was young,” she said, “we wouldn’t have tolerated this new magic school bullshit.”

2017-11-06 17:30 brood coven benbrood

She waited hours for him, fiddling with the doll’s hair until it fell out.

2017-10-30 16:59 brood coven benbrood

Instead of using a pumpkin that year they used a human skull.

2017-09-21 16:30 brood coven benbrood

She hobbled, jutting out each leg with painful experimentation, until she reached the bookcase.