2019-01-08 23:50 brood city benbrood

Square food cubes, vaguely gelatinous, were traded briskly for a watered down form of Red Empathy called Red Drool.

2019-01-01 23:05 brood city benbrood

The Red Zone was devoted to the craft of experiences. Green Zone was dedicated to the act of resistance. The Blue Zone was focused on spiritual navigation.

2018-12-11 23:05 brood city benbrood

The new city was built inside the crater. They protected it by placing spiritual challenges at the periphery. The final obstacle was an impossible act of self-reflection demanded by nattering hairdressers.

2018-12-08 23:12 brood city benbrood

The cathedral opened for business the following sunday. People lined up holding their chickens, wearing hair shirts, and chanting “Let’s Go Crazy” by Prince.

2018-12-01 23:06 brood city benbrood

Several packages were delivered to HQ, each a fragrant act of protest.

2018-11-15 23:11 brood city benbrood

Tunnels under The Capital had been stocked with dreams and nightmares since the condition of the general populace showed no signs of improvement.

2018-11-05 23:45 brood city benbrood

There was no time left in the afternoon, it had been gloriously wasted on nostalgic revenge and consumption of Red Empathy.

2018-11-03 22:50 brood city benbrood

The robot bartender pronounced her name incorrectly, it poured the beer over the side of the table, it charged her for a Super Deluxe. The bar was immensely popular.

2018-10-24 22:45 brood city benbrood

“Twenty years from now you won’t recognize it, the reservoir will be bubbling, overflowing with new fluids,” he said.

2018-10-16 23:01 brood city benbrood

The bus pulled up and the clones exited. Had there been some mistake? They were ugly, all of them, not a single one attractive enough for the Dome.

2018-09-28 01:52 brood city benbrood

One hundred years later his perfectly executed manifesto on Brutalist architecture was discovered in the corner of an abandoned, concrete stairwell.

2018-09-15 22:17 brood city benbrood

“When you subvert the divine system you pollute the mark, when you pollute the mark you risk all of our commerce,” she said while tying the cherry stem into a knot with her tongue.

2018-09-05 23:25 brood city benbrood

The Twins had the top hundred floors to themselves, several of which were devoted to pure replication. Warty pig-men came and went.

2018-08-30 23:00 brood city benbrood

The city was covered with a gray haze produced by fashionable machines worn by most of the citizens. Giving them up was unthinkable.

2018-08-10 21:57 brood city benbrood

The lottery winner received a complete tour. “Did you know the abattoir is powered entirely by sunlight?”