2019-04-25 22:35 city

Sitting in front of the river he saw large pieces of the defeated monster float by, heading into the bay.

2019-04-20 22:19 city

He was known for his animated playing style, thrashing around until the piano had been reduced to rubble, and then throwing the jagged pieces at the unworthy audience.

2019-04-03 00:18 city

The unrelenting background noise in the office lulled them into a state of both vague hunger and specious water cooler banter.

2019-03-23 22:41 city

Once the motorcade passed there was a desperate attempt to storm the embassy, but the thick, pungent bio-foam successfully stopped the mob.

2019-03-19 22:35 city

The constant roar of air through the glass and steel corridors of the city was exhausting. It’s not wind, he thought, it’s artificial.

2019-03-14 22:35 city

Air defenses were activated for the city. Every third citizen would stare unblinkingly at the sky and disbelieve.

2019-03-10 22:35 city

In the background an old telephone rang, he heard an answering machine pick up. It was the Colonel, and he was sobbing.

2019-01-31 23:30 city

“We need to grow this business over time. Consider your buckets. Evaluate your implants. Assess your ontologies. Scratch. Sniff. Scream.”

2019-01-22 23:45 city

After-hours the club became a resistance node, dispensing psychometric blockers for anyone approaching the central core.

2019-01-08 23:50 city

Square food cubes, vaguely gelatinous, were traded briskly for a watered down form of Red Empathy called Red Drool.

2019-01-01 23:05 city

The Red Zone was devoted to the craft of experiences. Green Zone was dedicated to the act of resistance. The Blue Zone was focused on spiritual navigation.

2018-12-11 23:05 city

The new city was built inside the crater. They protected it by placing spiritual challenges at the periphery. The final obstacle was an impossible act of self-reflection demanded by nattering hairdressers.

2018-12-08 23:12 city

The cathedral opened for business the following sunday. People lined up holding their chickens, wearing hair shirts, and chanting “Let’s Go Crazy” by Prince.

2018-12-01 23:06 city

Several packages were delivered to HQ, each a fragrant act of protest.

2018-11-15 23:11 city

Tunnels under The Capital had been stocked with dreams and nightmares since the condition of the general populace showed no signs of improvement.