2018-08-05 01:40 circles

Magnetic disorientation lead to stray missions deployed to ancient henges seeking dissident archaic tracks.

2018-06-29 23:05 circles

Parting the fur carefully, she revealed a complex tattoo, the long awaited instructions.

2018-06-21 23:05 circles

Archaeologists swarmed over the site, chattering excitedly in academic birdsong.

2018-04-08 19:58 circles

It stood as tall as the trees, they didn’t understand why they hadn’t seen it before. It was powered by their miserable boredom.

2018-03-27 00:34 circles

These patterns weren’t enough, the recombinatoric cube unfolded into the living space with pure, cold vengeance.

2018-03-13 23:01 circles

Guards stood mutely around the exhibition, which desperately reached out with a thousand loving tentacles.

2018-02-09 02:17 circles

Two hundred days into the experiment the only one not willing to hit the panic button was the narcissistic businessman who didn’t believe the monsters were real.

2018-02-06 02:35 circles

The Control Voice was weary. So many unanswered questions, so many existential quandaries. It imagined a quiet life, some little town without multidimensional aliens or irony.

2017-12-19 15:45 circles

The branches swayed sinisterly, giving off a slight spray of fuzz that dissolved whatever it touched.

2017-12-05 15:00 circles

Everything changed the moment he flipped the stark, resistant toggle switch. The sound made him flinch.

2017-11-16 17:30 circles

Slumped against the view-port was a fleshy mass that only wanted love.

2017-09-13 16:30 circles

She lowered her guard momentarily, enough for the swamp to duplicate her.

2017-09-02 16:30 circles

When The Archaic Scream broke down the door they countered with steady bombardments of grief.

2017-08-21 17:00 circles

When the sun went out there was an enormous sigh of relief.

2017-08-11 17:00 circles

The rolling ocean was vermilion and all the ships had wings.