2019-02-20 23:35 brood circles benbrood

Each platform was built up out of the muck using the bones of their ancestors. They would be closer to the sky, and they would be farther away from the hungry things.

2019-02-12 23:35 brood circles benbrood

The woolly creatures pulling the sled hesitated, putting their snouts up into the air and bellowing mournfully.

2019-01-25 23:22 brood circles benbrood

The stone relic was carved in the shape of nothing they could recognize, but it was obscene, it made them nauseous.

2018-12-10 23:05 brood circles benbrood

When the Sticks sent commands it sounded like a pile of rustling leaves or soil being turned over.

2018-12-04 23:47 brood circles benbrood

The cost of a new Reel was determined at auction. Bidders stood behind partitions showing only their teeth.

2018-11-25 23:45 brood circles benbrood

They were trapped. Cool, jazzy commands were piped into the elevator. Destroy. Eat. Reproduce. Disassemble.

2018-11-09 23:45 brood circles benbrood

A beverage made from the ground bones of memories, brewed in vats of expectation, dispensed with the blessings of heretical clergy.

2018-10-29 22:45 brood circles benbrood

A tincture was applied sparingly. The elders were summoned. He would have to go into the trees like all the others.

2018-10-06 22:32 brood circles benbrood

“When you’ve mastered the art of it everything else will seem like a slow motion car crash,” she said.

2018-09-25 22:50 brood circles benbrood

They lived for almost a million years, but they spent most of it napping. Their dreams grew planets.

2018-08-05 01:40 brood circles benbrood

Magnetic disorientation lead to stray missions deployed to ancient henges seeking dissident archaic tracks.

2018-06-29 23:05 brood circles benbrood

Parting the fur carefully, she revealed a complex tattoo, the long awaited instructions.

2018-06-21 23:05 brood circles benbrood

Archaeologists swarmed over the site, chattering excitedly in academic birdsong.

2018-04-08 19:58 brood circles benbrood

It stood as tall as the trees, they didn’t understand why they hadn’t seen it before. It was powered by their miserable boredom.

2018-03-27 00:34 brood circles benbrood

These patterns weren’t enough, the recombinatoric cube unfolded into the living space with pure, cold vengeance.