2019-02-18 23:35 brood circus benbrood

There was at least three inches of fine, black soot on the railings and stairs. At midnight he’d heard those same trucks roll through town.

2019-02-17 23:35 brood mountain benbrood

Empty bottles were stacked against the back all the way to the ceiling. Every three minutes a villager walked in, morosely, and placed another carefully into the pile.

2019-02-16 23:35 brood island benbrood

At the expense of the town’s new mayor each citizen was provided with a wooden spoon and a healthy pullet. Critics claimed the campaign also promised a fly swatter.

2019-02-16 00:13 brood circus benbrood

A deck of cards was produced from somewhere. They were instructed to draw three, randomly, despite their obvious medical conditions.

2019-02-14 23:23 brood hotel benbrood

When applied in small amounts the effects are reproducible. But in large doses symptoms range from lycanthropy to unpredictable telekinetic outbursts.

2019-02-14 02:59 brood noir benbrood

The day just boiled away. They took their souvenirs and neatly packed them into a half dozen suitcases. Then they dialed the embassy.

2019-02-12 23:35 brood circles benbrood

The woolly creatures pulling the sled hesitated, putting their snouts up into the air and bellowing mournfully.

2019-02-11 23:35 brood machine benbrood

The reception was held at a local abattoir. The couple claimed this provided substantial insight into their developing spiritual lives.

2019-02-10 23:35 brood device benbrood

To their immediate right was a car accident, crinkled exteriors of the vehicles shredded like torn gift wrap.

2019-02-09 23:40 brood animals benbrood

Experts informed them there was no way to remove all the frogs. They suggested a regimen of acceptance, acclimation, and finally conversion.

2019-02-08 23:21 brood mountain benbrood

Rain was collected in any container they could find–not because they were thirsty, but because they were greedy.

2019-02-05 23:43 brood island benbrood

Dirt was swept from the corners three times a day and put into small glassine envelopes for regular patrons. These were flaunted at social events.

2019-02-04 23:07 brood box benbrood

Dump trucks arrived the next morning to take the town away. A new one would be shipped in from Svnkea, the company famous for flat packing and self-assembly. The old man held the wrench so tightly it became slick with sweat.

2019-02-03 23:01 brood soldiers benbrood

The craft was handed around for inspection. Through the tiny windows passengers could be seen relaxing, occasionally making their way up and down the aisles.

2019-02-02 23:09 brood noir benbrood

She fixated on the paper weight. It was the shape of a human heart. If she hit him with it, right in the temple, would it be enough to kill him? She hesitated.