2019-06-12 22:16 box

A ball of twine. A feather. A bowl of chowder. A snail. These were the things she would have to get the doctor for tomorrow’s experiment.

2019-06-10 22:49 circus

The tiny thing spoke in a loud, booming voice. Then there was scrambling and digging. Bricks were dislodged. Everyone stepped back.

2019-06-09 21:59 fog

They stood close to the edge, the moist air making them gag a little. The recording was impossible, the exchange made no sense.

2019-06-08 22:35 transformation

Passing back into existence was accompanied by loud static. When complete, then the sound of a little bell.

2019-06-07 22:53 ultimatum

The interface was a single, glowing red dot. The housing and battery weighed just under ten pounds. For optimal use, swing the articulating arm to the south, with an eye on the Dog Star.

2019-06-06 22:38 circus

The stage coach pulled in, empty, each horse painted a different, vivid color.

2019-06-05 22:57 city

Surfacing the internal world one millimeter at a time, printers hummed day and night, workstations overheated with computational efforts.

2019-06-04 21:53 circus

These tools aren’t meant to be used, she said. She took the hammer from him and carefully placed it back into the cabinet, giving it a small, reassuring pat.

2019-06-03 22:35 island

At the cusp of the wharf, the widow MacKenzie threw him half a pack of cigarettes, and swore at him with eloquence created by decades of unrequited passion.

2019-06-02 22:35 island

He raised his hand across the domain–his perhaps, in imagination, as a usurper of local custom and hauls of fish. He chewed tobacco and spat it into the streets.

2019-06-01 22:09 alien

They bunched them up, trying to avoid the wind and rain. The leaves were supple like good leather.

2019-05-31 22:04 circles

Penitents clogged the streets, marching solemnly under banners of Mild Discomfort, Vaguely Unsettled and Something Rashy.

2019-05-30 22:35 voice

Objects began to merge into one another. The terrifying substratum bubbled up like burning sugar.

2019-05-29 22:35 futures

“One town over, that place with the moat, and the car husks stacked up, you’ll see a palace made of old tires and plywood. Ask for Mr Peepers.”

2019-05-28 22:35 pilot

He realized every third world was like this, pretty blue on the outside, blistering and fiery on the inside. If it wasn’t some devious master plan, it was certainly a terribly unfortunate coincidence.