2019-08-10 21:36 futures

His work was adapted for an audience, brought to life with a Jumbotron and a man wearing a cartoonish tiger costume. “Sublime,” she said.

2019-08-10 01:37 circus

The trapeze artist sat at the end of the bar, swaying, each time he lifted the bottle it was a perilous exercise in defying gravity. At the opposite end the lion tamer brushed back her tangled hair.

2019-08-08 22:35 books

The library is full of books never-released, forbidden, all brilliant. The valet, crisp and proper, takes your luggage into the elevator then into your room.

2019-08-07 22:49 hotel

The hotel shook as the newly freed creatures tunneled frantically under the facility. Miles of them. Eventually they would reach the cliffs, and the ocean.

2019-08-06 22:35 island

After midnight many box trucks, swaying as if heavily laden, each covered with baroque graffiti, pulled up in front of the church. On an unseen cue all the back doors suddenly rolled up and dozens of people wearing rabbit costumes swarmed the large, carved, wooden doors.

2019-08-05 22:26 mountain

They had cameras, something like cameras, they would raise them and lower them in some sort of ritual. And there was a child holding her mother’s hand, the child pointed at him and laughed.

2019-08-04 21:09 bees

That dream was hard to shake. She lilted to the left. It seemed there were mouths on inanimate objects. And somewhere nearby a bee was screaming.

2019-08-03 22:35 box

In the span of 30 minutes they’d gone through a dozen boxes of the stuff. The new recipe was irresistible.

2019-08-02 22:43 hotel

The wrong door code, that’s what she gave him. Off by a single number. She imagined his expression as the paralyzing unguent was sprayed from security nozzles.

2019-08-01 22:45 city

That formerly low-brow franchise coffee shop had decided to become a performance art space. Coffee was served by people wearing latex bondage masks. The serving sizes were now small, medium, and raw horse meat.

2019-07-31 22:35 machine

The watchmaker locked the door and pulled down the blinds. He could already hear the rhythmic scratching behind him, a rough oscillation that came sooner now each day.

2019-07-30 22:35 room

He struggled but he couldn’t remember what was downstairs, not the layout, not the rooms. The image was gray without any gray, it was empty but also infinitely dense.

2019-07-30 00:40 pods

It was a new type of thing, shiny but not too shiny, reactive to small changes in body language or temperature, and currently half price if you were a member.

2019-07-28 22:05 transformation

The elixir slopped over the edges of the pot as they passed it around the circle. Where it fell flowers of impossible beauty emerged.

2019-07-27 21:43 ocean

The infection led to tinnitus, which sounded like a roaring sea. As if adrift, he constantly reached out for a railing and tried to ascertain his position by a lodestone he’d tied around his neck.