2019-01-18 03:05 brood futures benbrood

The device required the verbal command “HELLO GORILLA” to awaken from hibernation. We were assured that the flailing arms and stomping were a value proposition.

2019-01-16 23:50 brood mountain benbrood

The three masters, each clad distinctively, strode forward with calm precision. The challenger coughed nervously, tossing the small burlap pouch the old woman had given him up and down in one hand gently.

2019-01-15 23:50 brood time benbrood

The willpower of a small group of children was the only thing that kept the deadly, artificial satellite in orbit. The introduction of a puppy caused a planet-wide evacuation.

2019-01-15 02:28 brood books benbrood

Against the stark white landscape the roaming, disgraced official looked like words drawn on a perfectly clean parchment.

2019-01-13 21:35 brood pods benbrood

Under a dozen heavy, symbiotic blankets it heaved and sighed. Another hour before fruition, just one more comfortable hour.

2019-01-11 04:11 brood voice benbrood

At precisely 6AM you are to remove the stanchions. Be sure not to twist the silken guidelines. Under no circumstances twiddle the tension dials.

2019-01-08 23:50 brood city benbrood

Square food cubes, vaguely gelatinous, were traded briskly for a watered down form of Red Empathy called Red Drool.

2019-01-07 23:50 brood noir benbrood

She handed him what he thought was a pack of cigarettes. Inside all he found were desiccated spiders.

2019-01-06 23:35 brood room benbrood

He had seventeen minutes to make the transfer–past the portcullis, tiger traps, the AI drones, and the Cinnabon stand.

2019-01-05 22:50 brood alien benbrood

True–recitation of the sacred poem was jumbled, but claims that most of it was improvised was a crude, inflammatory accusation.

2019-01-04 23:50 brood letters benbrood

The final letter was delivered to him by a monkey wearing a top hat. Tomorrow he would ship out to the Northern Front.

2019-01-03 23:35 brood futures benbrood

The tree tops were dusted with a fine, bright blue powder that The Company claimed would forever remove blight.

2019-01-02 22:51 brood search benbrood

Passengers handed the note forward, some scribbling additions, until it reached the conductor who then promptly pulled a man from a nearby row and violently threw him from the moving train.

2019-01-01 23:05 brood city benbrood

The Red Zone was devoted to the craft of experiences. Green Zone was dedicated to the act of resistance. The Blue Zone was focused on spiritual navigation.

2018-12-31 03:03 brood time benbrood

He carried a card in his wallet with emergency instructions in case of a fatal time loop. Unfortunately, his murderous, looped double had the exact same card.