2019-04-17 22:28 brood soldiers benbrood

Pulling it straight out seemed to be most effective, despite the flashing interface and the tear gas.

2019-04-16 22:35 brood machine benbrood

At the back of the cave were three drawings, each depicting a man fighting a robot. What could it mean, the archaeologist said, we can only imagine what their world was like.

2019-04-15 22:47 brood island benbrood

“Night comes late on the island,” she said, handing him a gray pint of something, “not because of the latitude, but because we will it to be so.”

2019-04-14 22:05 brood fog benbrood

When the birds scattered, we saw the revealed shape of a fallen statue, now covered in shit.

2019-04-13 22:03 brood futures benbrood

The skylight let them look up at the underside of its belly, the exhaust ports and teats asymmetrically scattered across the broad, pink exterior.

2019-04-12 22:57 brood hotel benbrood

The portraits on the wall were a progression of malcontents, perverts, embezzlers, and one very angry looking scofflaw.

2019-04-11 23:18 brood room benbrood

After 10PM all orders must be put through the slot. First you will need to sign the personal injury waiver.

2019-04-10 22:41 brood island benbrood

They watched the filmstrip mutely, lulled into strange, lazy eroticism by the gentle repetitive bing.

2019-04-09 22:35 brood noir benbrood

Susan opened the door with menacing, haughty abruptness. Something would have to be done about the inspection. Perhaps they would accept his golf clubs as a bribe.

2019-04-08 22:35 brood ultimatum benbrood

Preview heuristics were radically insufficient. It spread quickly. He sat in his car, mindlessly chewing on a Yum Incorporated Deluxe Bar.

2019-04-07 22:35 brood room benbrood

He’d been told the problem wasn’t uncommon. But in total isolation all he could do was sprinkle the dust around and hope the situation improved.

2019-04-06 22:35 brood animals benbrood

The war was over and they had no idea what to do. Rows of birds perched on the electrical lines, monitoring their every move.

2019-04-05 02:48 brood stranger benbrood

He considered it a fun weekend project. He stacked the wood carefully, reflecting on how deeply he would need to dig and what he might find there.

2019-04-03 22:35 brood island benbrood

When the leather-scrap man came around the children and the dog hid under the old shed in the cool dirt.

2019-04-03 00:18 brood city benbrood

The unrelenting background noise in the office lulled them into a state of both vague hunger and specious water cooler banter.