2018-10-14 22:50 brood circus benbrood

Marble blocks were placed as markers at regular intervals. Denials were official. Recitations were long public events. Carnival food and prizes could be found towards the back.

2018-10-13 22:50 brood island benbrood

She presented herself to him wearing the skin of that thing they found in the barn. “Do you like it?” she asked.

2018-10-12 22:24 brood ship benbrood

The fetus robots were designed by an interstellar slime mold that was acting purely out of spite.

2018-10-11 22:53 brood futures benbrood

The Council refused to meet until their shipment of DELISHUS was cleared at the border. There could be no more compromises.

2018-10-10 22:41 brood time benbrood

After the time storm cleared they found old girlie magazines, the wing of an airplane, dozens of mismatched shoes, holographic access cards, and confused sanitary bots all along the beach.

2018-10-09 22:11 brood trasnformation benbrood

I decided on replacing mine with huge bioluminescent legs like a frog. She decided on putting tentacles where her arms had been. The whole procedure came in at half price with coupons.

2018-10-08 22:16 brood bees benbrood

When the bees returned they came in geometrical groups. It took scientists years to understand the logograms, and subsequently develop a device for cross-communication.

2018-10-07 22:49 brood soldiers benbrood

The bark on the trees illuminated as waves of sound pummeled the camp. The brutal orchestration of the sonic weapon was garish and out of touch.

2018-10-06 22:32 brood circles benbrood

“When you’ve mastered the art of it everything else will seem like a slow motion car crash,” she said.

2018-10-05 22:50 brood alien benbrood

Instructions were relayed via a sequence of short, explosive and toxic gastrointestinal events.

2018-10-04 22:50 brood noir benbrood

Rain speckled the windshield. They changed out of jumpsuits and into formal wear as efficiently as they could.

2018-10-03 22:50 brood benbrood

The Pleasure Complex was shut down without notice, trapping several thousand inside for an undetermined period of delight.

2018-10-02 22:50 brood animals benbrood

The fur grew quickly, reaching out towards them, as if they were gravitationally attractive.

2018-10-01 22:50 brood hotel benbrood

Dancing began spontaneously, without the least amount of self-consciousness or concern for the surrounding, priceless antiques.

2018-09-30 22:05 brood room benbrood

Every inch of floor, he noticed, was covered with mismatched glasses partially full of the greenish swamp water.