2017-06-27 17:00 box

The monster’s lair was decorated nicely, not loudly, not too minimally either. “Love this lamp,” she said.

2017-05-07 17:00 box

It was the size of a small cat, lacked any fur, and badly wanted out of the damn box.

2017-04-22 16:30 box

When the living room was redone they found the strangest box behind one of the walls.

2017-04-08 17:00 box

“If you reach into the box, I’ll give you a dollar”, he smiled.

2017-02-24 18:00 box

“When the ride ends you’ll be asked to give a small donation. Something personal. Something that contains DNA.”

2017-02-08 18:01 box

When they got to the bottom of the stairs the fetid air of the basement overwhelmed them.

2017-01-10 17:01 box

Under the table they found a new tiny world, they would be worshipped as gods.

2017-01-08 18:00 box

When he was called to the castle he brought only the box.

2016-12-27 18:01 box

He picked up the drink. It was foamy and acrid. The designs on the top were of mathematical formula he didn’t understand.

2016-11-20 19:30 box

They saw it emerge through the ferns. It was tall, covered with silky white hair, and it carried a tiny version of itself.

2016-11-04 18:30 box

“That box wasn’t here before,” he said. “Are you sure? Absolutely sure?” she asked.

2016-10-31 19:01 box

He replaced his face with something else, something better, something that wasn’t made of meat.

2016-10-23 17:01 box

It sounded enough like a crying baby to raise the hairs on the back of her neck.

2016-10-10 18:01 box

Tripping over the protrusion, he lingered for a moment trying to understand the shape and color.

2016-10-02 21:00 box

For several days they waited at the bottom of the well. It was almost time.