2019-06-12 22:16 box

A ball of twine. A feather. A bowl of chowder. A snail. These were the things she would have to get the doctor for tomorrow’s experiment.

2019-05-02 22:31 box

The bottom of the box was lined with brightly colored stones. Choose three very carefully, they suggested.

2019-04-27 22:35 box

Three boxes, stacked on top one another, each slightly smaller than the one below it. The note said self-assembly was inevitable.

2019-03-30 21:40 box

The box was handed off at the station. Each time it became slightly heavier. It was never meant to be opened, but that day he did.

2019-03-12 22:45 box

There was a single can of beans left in the cupboard. On the counter was a pile of broken iPhones.

2019-02-04 23:07 box

Dump trucks arrived the next morning to take the town away. A new one would be shipped in from Svnkea, the company famous for flat packing and self-assembly. The old man held the wrench so tightly it became slick with sweat.

2018-06-18 23:05 box

At dawn the monks struck bells that shattered poorly constructed shells of self-identity, replacing them with cardboard boxes and Amazon Prime packing tape.

2018-05-27 01:16 box

Those red blinking lights didn’t tell them anything they didn’t already know.

2018-05-22 22:59 box

From the top of the world The Hand returned, but this time with delicious worms.

2018-05-09 00:31 box

The outside of the box said “DANGER” but the inside of the box said nothing, nothing at all.

2018-01-16 14:21 box

The large box was packed full of little packets of liquid happiness.

2018-01-05 16:52 box

On the bottom of the box were instructions that sounded like they were written by a devious, cruel child.

2017-11-28 19:00 box

In 1923 a small box was placed behind the loose bricks in the basement, since then the questionable contents had taken root under the entire town.

2017-10-08 16:40 box

When they moved the box there was a rattling, bony sound accented with dust and spider carcasses.

2017-08-01 17:00 box

Opening the box released several hyper intelligent entities that only wanted to dance.