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The ravine was filled with discarded, wispy, translucent insect wings. When the wind blew they made soft buzzing sounds.

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Legend said the information came from the bees. While scientists had adamantly rejected this, the acolytes persisted.

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When the bees returned they came in geometrical groups. It took scientists years to understand the logograms, and subsequently develop a device for cross-communication.

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From the bees’ point of view I was a monster. From the monster’s point of view I was an insect.

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Before they stepped into the stone circle they put on suits made of clover and feathers, and they released the bees.

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Elevated platforms were crowded, the sounds of scraping chitin and thrashing antennae echoed through the canyon.

2018-03-17 02:41 brood bees benbrood

Each flower was an identical copy, each placed exactly as far apart as another, each a little monster.

2018-02-28 14:02 brood bees benbrood

She gently pushed away the mass of bees, which slowly congealed back into place like a winged liquid.

2018-02-08 02:04 brood bees benbrood

The exhibit had begun its reproductive cycle. Even from where they stood, this was terrifying.

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I apologized to the hive, who granted my forgiveness with a steady pulsing buzz.

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“In this bag are the last bees we were able to find. Keep them safe.”

2017-04-14 17:00 brood bees benbrood

The sound of swarming bees was the only thing that sexually excited him.

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The side of the mountain was covered in it, the new species swayed in the wind, cooing.

2016-12-18 19:30 brood bees benbrood

The bees had not collected pollen, but something else, something that smelled fishy and glowed.

2016-11-30 19:01 brood bees benbrood

Bees collected on the window. They arranged themselves, spelling out “RETREAT”.