2018-01-14 18:27 alien

Over the next few days slabs of it heated up and slid off the alien roofs–leaving mounds of the stuff blocking escape tunnels.

2017-12-17 15:45 alien

“That’s not just some random noise, that’s their invitation to mate.”

2017-11-26 18:00 alien

The large, spindly arms corralled the crowds into nets which were hoisted up to the waiting ships.

2017-11-09 17:30 alien

The Committee will convene the moment the third moon breaks through the defensive ice ring.

2017-10-07 16:30 alien

“Those alien flowers are growing everywhere now, polluting the atmosphere with mind bending spores.”

2017-10-02 16:30 alien

Sitting in the chair in his office, with a blank look she confessed their son was from another galaxy.

2017-09-16 16:30 alien

Thousands of workers dug around the base of the artifact. They’d almost gotten to the bottom when the order came to bury it again.

2017-08-25 17:00 alien

In the alien prison camp every emotional weakness was exploited to the delight of the homeworld.

2017-06-29 17:01 alien

It was an autonomous alien manifestation designed to introduce existential doubt. The station continued to break down.

2017-06-13 17:01 alien

The deafening sound they’d used as a scanner would be turned down for now, but in exchange the ship must surrender its women for inspection.

2017-06-03 17:01 alien

It was looking for somewhere warm, and it found a comfortable little corner in the back thrusters.

2017-05-22 17:01 alien

The nets moved around the sun, getting closer over thousands of years until it was caught to be repackaged and resold.

2017-04-02 17:00 alien

The last ship lifted off, unsteadily, amid the cross fire between mammals, arthropods, then suddenly, the scyphozoans.

2017-03-21 17:01 alien

Several deep, straight channels were dug into the landscape. The sergeant proposed it was left over from an enormous alien machine.

2017-03-17 17:01 alien

“Technology is forbidden to us,” he said, “all we know are the ways of flesh. And ZOLKAR. We know of ZOLKAR.”