2019-03-29 23:40 brood alien benbrood

She saw the bruise spread quickly over her torso. The alien alphabet was clearly discernible. She wondered how much toothpaste was left in the house.

2019-01-05 22:50 brood alien benbrood

True–recitation of the sacred poem was jumbled, but claims that most of it was improvised was a crude, inflammatory accusation.

2018-10-05 22:50 brood alien benbrood

Instructions were relayed via a sequence of short, explosive and toxic gastrointestinal events.

2018-09-23 00:14 brood alien benbrood

Three suns rose that morning. The astronauts slathered themselves with fresh butter for the final ceremonies.

2018-09-18 22:40 brood alien benbrood

Being accepted into the colony meant having to feed them in new, unusual ways. This task was delegated.

2018-07-11 22:05 brood alien benbrood

When the primeval bird-thing grabbed the rubbery legs of the mammoth rog there were shrieks of jealousy from the others on the perch.

2018-06-24 23:05 brood alien benbrood

“When we meet them you must remember to never look at their proboscis–never, ever look directly at their proboscis.”

2018-06-01 00:11 brood alien benbrood

The glow of monitors devoured the emptiness of endless alien inquiry.

2018-05-30 01:46 brood alien benbrood

Selecting the wrong option from the twelve obscure alien languages in the kiosk will result in long term aphasia and possible transmigration.

2018-04-13 01:03 brood alien benbrood

The alien couple wanted to negotiate over the pulverized remains of the crew that was piled politely into perfect boxes.

2018-04-10 03:19 brood alien benbrood

The broadcast continued for millenia, that wet, squelching sound beaming directly into space.

2018-02-27 22:45 brood alien benbrood

The landscape looked like a coffee stain, and the sky was peppered with angry points of light.

2018-01-14 18:27 brood alien benbrood

Over the next few days slabs of it heated up and slid off the alien roofs–leaving mounds of the stuff blocking escape tunnels.

2017-12-17 15:45 brood alien benbrood

“That’s not just some random noise, that’s their invitation to mate.”

2017-11-26 18:00 brood alien benbrood

The large, spindly arms corralled the crowds into nets which were hoisted up to the waiting ships.