2018-07-04 19:20 science-fiction elixir

Why Wait

A prime location, Paris, 1920s.

Beautiful little place, New York City, 1955.

Lush and exciting Roman villa, 10 AD.

A thousand other properties, spread across thousands of years. These are the luxury time condos you won't be able to resist. You aren't just buying a vacation property, you're buying a culture. You're buying a statement of Mankind. You're buying an experience of not just history, but of humanity.

We won't lie to you, it costs a little more, but it's worth every penny.

Some of our clients have expressed concern about the usual upheavals, revolutions, and violent details of the period they want to invest in — because yes, this property is not only a rewarding lifestyle, but a fantastic investment to leave to your children. Don't worry, we've taken care of all the possible unfortunate wrinkles. You'll be able to kick back and enjoy that peasant revolt, the daily spectacle of the guillotine, the carpet bombings, the plagues — if that's what suits you.

It's up to you! Your safety, and the safety of your property is our first concern. Leave it to us! There are infinite universes, our patented history collapsing technology makes sure you're the center of existence. And completely tax deductible under the latest legislation!

Relax. Enjoy. History is yours — why wait any longer?