2018-06-04 16:21 elixir short-story Benjamin Brood

Stainless Steel Hotel

Being invited to the hotel was an honor. Most people were sent right to the Joy Camps, so being invited was something special, let me tell you. The first thing you notice about the stainless steel hotel is the amazing artwork hanging in the lobby. Some of the most famous names. You might not, no, you certainly will not recognize the work. They were all created here, so here is where they must stay. You are impressed by the size and scale of the hotel. The murmur of intelligent conversation at the hotel bar. The lushness of detail, nothing has been taken for granted. The library is full of books never released, forbidden, but brilliant. The valet, crisp, proper, takes your luggage into the elevator and up to the room. There is no need to tip, everything has been taken care of. You find the room comfortable, with a nice view of the ocean and a small balcony amenable to restorative breezes. You unpack your suitcases, being tidy, placing clothes into dresser drawers. The noise you hear, it starts slowly, is of restrained weeping in the next room. It soon passes. You sit down at the desk to write a letter you understand will never be delivered. You write "Being invited to the hotel is an honor…". Tonight, the card on the desk states, the hotel will be serving roast beef before the torture begins.