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2019-09-05 22:02 ultimatum

The fourth book on the shelf, from the left, contained a sheet of handwritten instructions about how to get through the notorious hedges unscathed.

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2019-09-05 01:12 mountain

His beard rolled down fully into the bowl of soup then he lifted it up in each spoonful like great clumps of wet white moss.

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2019-09-03 22:35 fog

Brushing away the snow that covered the tombstone revealed a bas-relief of the deceased displaying his middle finger to the viewer. There was no inscription.

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Ben Smith https://bensmithartist.com/

2019-09-02 22:35 futures

Assignments were allocated secretly, you never knew which you got, and nobody would ever tell you. But you were expected to succeed. Failure was a laborious background check, seizure of assets, being pulled aside at the airport, a bankrupting health crisis.

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Patchwork of sunlight highlighted the half cut timber and rolls of chicken wire. Sheets of paper covered in arcane formula fluttered back and forth in the wind.

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When he was twelve he was swept out to sea in a riptide. Ten years later he returned with the knowledge they had always lacked.

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The room at the top of the inn had been occupied by the captain for almost thirty years. In the summer the odor of pipe tobacco and herring was inescapable.