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When applied in small amounts the effects are reproducible. But in large doses symptoms range from lycanthropy to unpredictable telekinetic outbursts.

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The day just boiled away. They took their souvenirs and neatly packed them into a half dozen suitcases. Then they dialed the embassy.

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The woolly creatures pulling the sled hesitated, putting their snouts up into the air and bellowing mournfully.

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Yoshikazu Ebisu, http://www.samehat.com/2010/06/yoshikazu-ebisu-exhibit-in-paris.html

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The reception was held at a local abattoir. The couple claimed this provided substantial insight into their developing spiritual lives.

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Kuba Woynarowski, The Story of Gardens, http://phantascope.blogspot.com/2010/

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Tomi Ungerer, Brash Illustrator for Young and Older, Dies at 87 - The New York Times

“Americans cannot accept that a children’s-book author should do erotic work or erotic satire,” he told The New York Times in 2008, when some of his children’s books began to be republished in the United States and Britain. “Even in New York it just wasn’t acceptable.”

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LTD: Context And Presence – WARREN ELLIS LTD

Social media does not “get” not-fully-baked. Social media is useless for thinking out loud and exploring notions. Social media — bizarrely, given its nature — does not do context.

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To their immediate right was a car accident, crinkled exteriors of the vehicles shredded like torn gift wrap.

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Jean Caillon, Le Moment de tuer, 1978

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Experts informed them there was no way to remove all the frogs. They suggested a regimen of acceptance, acclimation, and finally conversion.

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Vaka Valo http://vakavalo.com/

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Rain was collected in any container they could find–not because they were thirsty, but because they were greedy.