2019-06-08 22:30

David Álvarez https://www.instagram.com/tlacuiloa/

2019-06-07 22:53 ultimatum

The interface was a single, glowing red dot. The housing and battery weighed just under ten pounds. For optimal use, swing the articulating arm to the south, with an eye on the Dog Star.

2019-06-07 22:30

Wunder der Schöpfung, 1925, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9edow8V-66Y

2019-06-06 22:38 circus

The stage coach pulled in, empty, each horse painted a different, vivid color.

2019-06-06 22:30

Walter Ruttmann, Opus Films, https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Walter+Ruttmann%2C+Opus+Films

2019-06-05 22:57 city

Surfacing the internal world one millimeter at a time, printers hummed day and night, workstations overheated with computational efforts.

2019-06-05 22:53


2019-06-04 21:53 circus

These tools aren’t meant to be used, she said. She took the hammer from him and carefully placed it back into the cabinet, giving it a small, reassuring pat.

2019-06-04 21:48

Nick Sheehy https://www.instagram.com/showchicken/

2019-06-03 22:35 island

At the cusp of the wharf, the widow MacKenzie threw him half a pack of cigarettes, and swore at him with eloquence created by decades of unrequited passion.

2019-06-03 22:30

Charles Burns, Sugar Skull, 2014

2019-06-02 22:35 island

He raised his hand across the domain–his perhaps, in imagination, as a usurper of local custom and hauls of fish. He chewed tobacco and spat it into the streets.

2019-06-02 22:30

Andrey Zakirzyanov, The Tower, 2012 http://andreyzakirzyanovart.com/

2019-06-01 22:09 alien

They bunched them up, trying to avoid the wind and rain. The leaves were supple like good leather.

2019-06-01 21:57

Ota Janeček, 1971