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Novella. Black Market Stories. Surrender to the Shrubs.

Novel. An ancient institution containing the world's knowledge, a missing scientist, elusive birds, and a drug called Vermilion.
~220 pages, $2.99 US. Amazon, Kobo

Eight short stories. A near-future where organs are grown in the soil. A dream salvage company. A flak tower full of animals under siege during the war.
~100 pages, $1.99 US. Amazon, Kobo

Composite novella. Seventeen independent chapters across the last age of Ebyx. Navigation is inherited in a changing world. The ancient city holds surprises. The final days of a sister planet. Staying dead is hard.
~100 pages, $1.99 US.

A novella. Corporations have abandoned the rural north. A farmer loses a sheep but gains a guest from the sprawl. Mount Babel remains a gateway to Free Greenland. Please don't swat the BEEEZS.
~100 pages, $1.99 US. Amazon, Kobo

Ten short stories. A society where genetic profiling puts people with lower life expectancy into ghettos. A sudden and unexplainable amount of weight gain. An omnipresent, intelligent atlas which has created an error and a place that should not exist.
~100 pages, $1.99 US.

Written in over 400 vignettes across millennia of a world called Ebyx which orbits a large, mysterious planet called Cbyx. Automata seek independence, the legends of the past resurface, a scientist flees north, an unknowable machine is maintained by acolytes in an ancient bunker.
~279 pages, $2.99 US.

Three novellas. The town in question is anywhere from Cape Ann to Halifax. The roads ice up terribly in the winter. Before the collapse of the fish populations, fishing is what you did. Houses have widow's walks. In August the women dressed in black throw flowers into the water honoring lost mariners.
~216 pages, $2.99 US.

Sixteen short stories. A cyberpunk Pessoa. Daniil Kharms. A broken robotic Burroughs. John Dos Passos. Franz Kafka on amphetamines. Circus freaks and punk rock and no heat and no food and entrenched Russian literature.
~261 pages, $2.99 US.