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Cups were turned upside down. Fire was squelched. Truncheons discarded. Hugs administered.

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Aleksandra Czudżak https://www.behance.net/czudzak

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The hour is nigh, they told him. Nigh, he thought. Pie, cry, sigh, bye, nigh. They were pretty dramatic about it.

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George Condo (American, b. 1957), Blue Portrait Composition, 2013. Ink, acrylic and gesso on paper, 153 x 105.4 cm.

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He wasn’t familiar with this type of exercise machine. “I know it looks exactly like an iron maiden”, she said, “but you’ll find the fitness benefits are tremendous.”

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parker.s.jackson https://www.instagram.com/parker.s.jackson/

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After looking inside the bags he removed all the items from the cabinets again. Maybe remove the cabinets themselves, he thought.

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The earth and its atmosphere https://wellcomecollection.org/works/h6bpqzjp

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Gallery: Weegee’s New York City Crime Scene Photos

Earlier this year, he pulled it out for a look. The prints had, over the years, curled up into a tight roll, and he had to slide them apart from one end. That’s when he noticed that most of them bore a photographer’s stamp on the back: PHOTO BY A. FELLIG.

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The couple walked into a church carrying the top half of an old wooden manikin. Appearing anxious, they asked the priest for sanctuary.

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Frank R. Paul http://www.frankwu.com/paul1.html

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Paul Klee, Ghost of a Genius, 1922

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Jarmo Mäkilä http://www.jarmomakila.com/

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She spoke in whispers to them, not caring whether or not she was heard. It was the intention, she thought, the accuracy of her intentions.

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Suspects were told privately that there had been no crime. Still they were required to remain indoors and chant The Impervious Song. Soon, justice would be broadcast.