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“The cold, rational approach has been vilified–but if we’re going to save ourselves, passion is the last thing we should accept,” she said.

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One by one they delivered the parcels, wrapped loosely in wool blankets. The bruises became worse, but were systematically ignored.

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Haruomi Hosno at the backstage during the “Paradise Tour” in Sendai, July 1, 1976. Courtesy of The Masashi Kuwamoto Archives.

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The Sun Is Gone

When did the sun go away. One morning it didn't rise. This is impossible, the smartest of us said, without it we wouldn't exist. Something must be blocking it, the second smartest of us said. This is a theory we agreed with, true, something must be blocking the sun. What if it was stolen? I suggested. Everyone laughed. Ridiculous, to steal a sun. I flushed in embarrassment. I went back to my duties as they discussed the situation. We must preserve resources, we must create a way to unblock the sun, we must create a second smaller sun, we must be ready to act. There were many suggestions, all of them vigorous. But the sun is gone, I wanted to say. Look for clues. Maybe there's a trail. Can you drag away a sun without leaving a little something behind? It's like a jelly, I thought. It began to get cold. The sun is missing they said, we can tell because it's getting so cold. Finally, I thought, now we're getting somewhere. They discussed what to do next, the talking became tense. We should go, several of them said. I didn't know how they planned to do that, I mean why were we here in the first place? Why hadn't we already left? The temperature continued to drop. There is no sun, I reminded them. Yes, yes, they said, we know this, this is what we are discussing. I returned to my tasks.

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Three suns rose that morning. The astronauts slathered themselves with fresh butter for the final ceremonies.

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All food cubes must be returned by the end of the work cycle, except Rainbow Cubes, which must be destroyed immediately. Credits will not be refunded.

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Edward Kinsella III https://www.instagram.com/edwardkinsella/

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Japan has attempted to land two tiny rovers on a distant asteroid | Ars Technica

Each weighed only about a kilogram, and after separating from the main spacecraft they approached the asteroid named Ryugu. Japanese mission scientists think the rovers touched down successfully, but are not completely sure. Communication with the two landers stopped near the moment of touchdown.

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Several young people sitting on a couch stared at them with cool disdain. Soon they too would understand the principles of decay.

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